This is the file needed to load Nextel ringtones, wallpapers, and games in Sprint Nextel, Iden, Boost, Telus Mike, SouthernLINK phones for free.

Éstos son los archivos necesitados para cargar los ringtones, los papeles pintados, y los juegos de Nextel en Nextel, Iden, alza, Telus Mike, teléfonos de SouthernLINK para libre. Ce sont les dossiers requis pour charger des ringtones, des papiers peints, et des jeux de Nextel dans Nextel, Iden, poussée, Telus Mike, téléphones de SouthernLINK pour libre


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Before we get started here are some things you may need to know:

About loading ringtones in Iden Sprint Nextel phones:

  • You can not load ringtones by sending them via Bluetooth.

  • You can not load ringtones by sending them via text message.

  • You can not load ringtones via your multimedia card.

  • If your phone came with a usb flash drive you can not use it to load ringtones.

  • You must use a JAL loader & data cable. If you need a data cable I sell them here or now you can actually get it for free with trial pay.  The only catch is that they want you to check out advertising and promotions.  Click the link below.

  •                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            If you use trial pay, besure to use valid information for me to contact you and ship the product to.

  • Websites promising free over the air Sprint Nextel ringtones require a weekly - monthly subscription. Normally $5 a week to $30 a month. It will sometimes require a phone call to India to cancel the service and they can charge your Nextel account but seem to lack the ability to credit your account back.  They will offer to mail a check.  Read the fine print and always check models supported.

  • Yes, your phone has an MP3 player but that doesn't mean you can assign MP3 ringtones from it.

  • All Sprint Nextel phones with a color screen and about 50% with mono chrome displays take midi ringtones.  99% with a color screen take wav ringtones.  25% with a color screen take MP3 ringtones.  Midi ringtones are musical tones with no words. Wav ringtones have words and are real songs.  The only problem is they are poor quality and tend to have a hiss to them.  The mp3 ringtone is smaller in size and better quality.

 About the Webjal Program:

  • Regardless what you read my server is alive and running (click here to verify that it is not locked up or crashed temporally.)

  • Because I am running the server and 99% of you buy the cables and cds off eBay I do not make a cent off of you.  Therefore the guy who sold you my free site on a cd makes the money and I can not afford to host the server on a dedicated IP.  So the ip (kind of like a phone number for computers) of the server changes every 4 to 6 months.  When it changes come back and download the patch and all is well again.   

  • Webjal requires an active internet connection to work.

  • There are NO known Mac/Apple Nextel programs.  You have to buy ringtones.  But hey think of all the money you save on virus protection!

  • Webjal is not for the Blackberry (instead see here)

  • Webjal does not work for Sprint PCS phones.  

  • Webjal will not work for T-Mobile, Cingular, or Verizon.

  • Webjal will not work with the hybrid powersource phones like the ic402/ic502/ic602/ic902  instead see here for the programs.

  • Webjal will not work with the Sprint Nextel smart phones like the i920 or i930, instead see here for the programs.

  • Webjal supports midi, wav, and mp3 ringtones if your phone does.

  • Webjal will not take files off your phone it only sends files to your phone not from.

  • Webjal will load ringtones, wallpapers (gif), and j2me games (and applications like GPS (accutracker mologogo), calculator, gmail, or opera the internet browser.

  • Webjal requires Windows 98 and above and your language to be set to English.

  • Webjal can use a serial connection but, a ringtone will load via usb in 2 - 3 mins a serial will take 20 to 30 mins to load that same ringtone. 

  • When using Vista you must install the files in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.

  • When using Windows XP or Vista your user profile (windows sign in name) must have Administrator privileges.

  • Yes webjal will work to load free ringtones with the Boost Unlimited Plans and the i576 and i776.  



Ok, now that those common questions are out of the way

(please no emails with any of those questions above).




Unplug the data cable and phone and shut down any programs running.



(Save this file)


Do not reinstall webjal for USB, user/password errors, server, dev center, or authentication errors,

don't because it is a waste of time.  99% of the time they will follow.  See my webjal trouble shooting instead. 



If you have problems installing webjal with Vista help is here



This is an all in one installer that contains the latest version of webjal r01.01.05,

latest usb drivers, and all the patches.


Save the file to your desktop. Then run it.



The install program is a cheesy dos batch file. I know I am dating myself, hey when I took computers in school they did not have hard drives.  We used a cassette recorder and we programmed all day to get a curser to blink a few colors..  I know that a lot of you are reading this and saying what is a cassette recorder?  It is the media somewhere between records and cds.  As they said on the movie Airplane, "that's not important right now".

This webjal.bat file will install 5 programs/patches.  I built it because people complained of how many programs and steps it was in the past.  Now it is 1 program and it will do everything in the right order.  It will download the files on demand so it will open internet explorer during the installation process.  The reason I am doing it this way is because the Webjal server settings change about every 6 months.  A lot of people make a nice living off of selling my instructions on ebay. If I do it this way, the files they sell will always be up to date.  I am such a nice guy!  No that is not why,  I will get less of the people emailing me and complaining about me selling them stuff that did not work.  Even though I did not sell them anything.  Why would I, it's here free!!


Here are the instructions on how to use webjal after you install it.

Oh and if you have had Webjal in the past,  please see my instructions because webjal login has changed.  You can no longer leave the user name and passcode blank.




Start webjal (Always grant webjal full access to the internet if your virus scanner/firewall asks)

.   If that doesn't work then go here.


server errors see my trouble shooting instead. 


OK Congrats Your now ready to install those ringtones into your Nextel.





Here is instructions



Here are the instructions on fixing or making your own Nextel ringtones


Here is how to make your own wallpapersers



Submit or read user submitted Nextel/Sprint websites to get ringtones, wallpapers, and games from 





Well people often ask how can they help me out with out sending money?  Well a really good way to help me is by linking your site to my site.  Now I am not saying copy my site word for word.. That is not cool!  Put a link on your site that says something to the effect cool place to get free Nextel ringtones..  The more links to my site the higher it ranks on Google.   The easier it is for others to find it amongst all those bogus free ringtone sites.


asap or answer me now.  Also I only need 1 email.  If it it get returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 5 days then email me again. Please don't email over and over again.  Also if you don't get an email back it is not because I am ignoring you it is because my spam blocker blocked you.  So when you resend the email reword it.  Try not to use any curse words, I have them all blocked.  





Harry Thompson

server error see my trouble shooting instead. 

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Data cable to load ringtones, wallpapers, and games in Nextel phones for free.


















Blackberry Ringtonesnes


From the Blackberry's internet browser just go to:

Blackberry's website


from the browser you will click and download the ringtone.then assign it.   


Or if you have a 7100 series try http://luckyluciano.completelyfreehosting.com/ringtones/

AGAIN from your blackberry Browser!!






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