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Webjal USB installations and trouble shooting

Errors for Nextel's free ringtone software



Ok windows 95,98, &me can be tricky.  So first the simplest:  Try rerunning the NEW PATCHER I made.

 If that doesn't work the go on further: 


What webjal needs is to patch the host files.  The older versions of windows saves it host files in multiple places and that is the root of your problems.  To fix it we need to find all the files and replace them.



To do this go to the start menu and search/find files on your Computer.  Search for a file named host*.*

When you find them note the directories that the hosts file is in. 

do this  http://www.harrythompson.com/troubleshooting/patcherpatcher.htm##2 do just problem #2

Only exact the files to the folder that  were found.  So if you found files in the c:\windows & c:\windows\system32 & the c:\windows\system32\drivers\ect   folders then extract the files to all those folders then run it again and extract it to the c:\windows\system folder.  Restart your computer and continue on with the #2 website certificate thing.



If that didn't work download this file to your windows directory but change the name to hosts.sam and replace the existing file.


Here is instructions on fixing or making your own Nextel ringtones

Here is how to make your own wallpapers



Submit or read user submitted Nextel/Sprint websites to get ringtones, wallpapers, and games from 




Well people often ask how can they help me out with out sending money?  Well a really good way to help me is by linking your site to my site.  Now I am not saying copy my site word for word.. That is not cool!  Put a link on your site that says something to the effect cool place to get free Nextel ringtones..  The more links to my site the higher it ranks on Google.   The easier it is for others to find it amongst all those bogus free ringtone sites.


You can email me if you still have problems please let me know the error and when you get it.  Due to the volume of email, I will usually answer them with in 3 - 4 days.  Please be nice and keep in mind I am doing this for free.  I did not write the software it is not "my software" and I don't really care if you think it sucks.  Very important don't tell me you are going to donate if I help you.  It will not make me help you any better.  I already know 99% don't come through.  Don't use asap or answer me now.  Also I only need 1 email.  If it get returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 5 days then email me again. Please don't email over and over again.  Also if you don't get an email back it is not because I am ignoring you it is because my spam blocker blocked you.  So when you resend the email reword it.  Try not to use any curse words, I have them all blocked.  





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