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Webjal/MyJal USB installations and trouble shooting

Errors for Sprint Nextel's free ringtone software

The application was unable to read the required phone information.

Please check the cable connection and your preferences.


I now know you received a communication error but was it when you "clicked connect"?  Or was it when you were loading a ringtone?  If it was when you clicked connect you are in the right place.  If it was when the ringtone was loading or after the ringtone loaded, then you have a bad ringtone and you are in the wrong place click here .



Ok, so you have seen my quick ideas and nothing worked. 

Don't worry because I've been there too.


Running the usb driver installation file again is really not reinstalling the drivers and 9 out of 10 times will not fix anything. 

Reinstalling consists of the removal of the modem and unknown hardware 1st.  

This will fix 99% of communication and baud rate errors including the error that says no usb drivers installed.

If you have entered this page from google or another source go to this page 1st as these instructions may not be for you.

  (Windows 98 click here)

 Go to the control panel.  

Choose modems (could be under other) 


then the modem tab. 

Delete all of the motorola iden usb modems.  

while still in control panel choose system, then hardware, and device manager.  Look in the trees by hitting the + sign and then look twice in the Universial serial bus section.  Do you see an unknown device?   

Delete it 

While still in the system under hardware choose device signing.  Choose Ignore.

Unplug the phone and cable. Rerun the usb driver installation on my website http://www.harrythompson.com  .  Turn off the computer.  Plug the phone back in to the computer.  Turn on the computer.  It should find new hardware when it starts. 

If this screen above doesn't show no big deal

Choose Install from list (advanced)

Choose don't search


choose continue anyway

Then unplug the phone and turn it off. 

Press and hold the top 2 buttons (contacts & messages) in and turn on the phone while still holding them in. 

It will turn on in flash trap mode.  It will say "code ok ready to program", at the bottom of the screen it will have a message like "connect USB or RS232 data cable". 

Plug in the phone.  It will remove the "connect USB or RS232 data cable" part if your data cable and data port on your phone are ok.  If it errors on the phone then you may have to clean the data port with a dry tooth brush or a lightly moistened with alcohol tooth brush or it could be a defective data cable.  The computer will now find a new hardware called a p2kdevice automatically install it and hit yes to continue if it prompts.  If it doesn't find anything do like above when you removed the unknown device except this time if you can not find an unknown device remove a p2kdevice if you see it.   Now turn off the phone, if it doesn't respond to the power button just pull the battery.  Now power cycle the computer and the phone and try webjal.  It may ask you to install the p2kdevice mid process choose to automatically do it.

I have more ideas are here!