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Making or Repairing Sprint Nextel Ringtones

Webjal MyJal Ringtone


You can only create and load your own ringtones in your phone with a jal (java ap loader) program.  You can not send them via text message, Bluetooth, or load them from the multimedia card.  I have the iden webjal software on my site, start here.  Iden Webjal will only work on Sprint Nextel, Boost, Clearnet, Southlink, and what ever other standard Iden phones.  iDen is a special division of Motorola.  The iDen phones are normally i models like the i880.  Webjal will work with almost all current iDen phones but it will not the hybrid/power source ic phones like the ic902 (see here for software). It will also not work with Sprint PCS phones, Blackberry (see here), or the Iden smart phones like the i930(see here).




Iden phones support 3 types of files for ringtones (in order of best to worst):

Click on the logo for an example of sound quality


MP3 File    Size: 200 KB Length: 51 secs

     WAV File   Size: 400 KB Length: 51 secs

  MIDI File   Size: 28 KB Length: 3+ mins


As you can hear and see the MP3 file sounds better and is half the size.  On the contrary to what you have heard size does matter when it comes to your phone.  The smaller the file the more ringtones your phone will hold.  Keep in mind the i580 has 25 megs of memory while the i730 only has around 2 megs total for everything.  The last thing you want to do is fill up your phone.  It needs available memory to operate.  It will begin rolling resets and locking up if out of room.  So please read on and don't load an entire mp3 song as a ringtone.

If you are a sound or computer pro you will say wait, a wav file is better.  Something about wav file being lossless (nearly perfect quality) and a mp3 lame?  I know, I know but, the required settings (listed below) for the wav file are worse, there for making the file sound bad.  You can normally tell a Nextel wav ringtone by it's hiss during the quite parts of the tone.  No big deal for me.

Why would I even put Wav or Midi on here if they are both worse than MP3 files?   Well TWO reasons:

1) Not all phones accept MP3 files and not all accept Wav files.  While the requirements for midi are the i90 and up.  My rule of thumb on wav files are if it has a 3 digit model number and a color screen you can do wav.  Only a few of the newer phones support MP3.

2) Wav files are easy to work with. Plus, you already have a program installed in your computer to listen, edit, or create them.

2.1) Not worthy of a number.. some midi files do actually sound good.  You should have been there when I loaded my 1st midi file in my frosted clear special edition i90, it was awesome!  Look what it started!  Here you are years later on my site. 

blah blah blah i90 blah blah good times blah blah blah 



MP3 format:  PCM |  8 kHz | 32 kbps | Mono

Wav format: PCM | 8 kHz | 8 kbps | Mono

Midi format:  Type 0



Where do I get my files to convert into ringtones?

Mp3 and Wav ringtones normally start with MP3, Wav, or WMA files and are then chopped, converted, and reduced quality to ultimately make the final ringtone. 

Midi ringtones normally start as Midi files.

Come on, why do people email me this question? I don't mind Midi files but MP3 files should be a no brainer.  Just make sure you stay away from any source that copyright licences the file to you like itunes.  This protection will block from easily chopping and converting files.  A good legal source is your favorite local radio station.  Most stations have an online store selling $.99 downloads.  You support the station buy purchasing music from their site.  I am also sure that the google ads on my page will have offers for a bunch of free mp3 files.  You also have the not so legal ways like bit torrent (ie. utorrent), peer to peer (ie. limewire), and ripping of your own cds (dbpoweramp).   If you are looking for some non-main stream stuff like movie qoutes, sound effects, and tv show theme songs then I suggest wav files.  I just use webcrawler click audio type in a few words of the song or theme and the word wav avoid the word ringtone.  It does something that google doesn't which is list the files and not the web pages.


Midi files are normally made by a person with a keyboard.  They do have MP3 to midi converters but I haven't found one that did a good job.  For the midi files I just use webcrawler click audio type in a few words of the song or theme and the word midi avoid the word ringtone.  It does something that google doesn't which is list the files and not the web pages.   


Programs Needed


You can pretty much use any audio convertion/editing software.  Don't have one?  Can I recommend one?  Well it depends on what file type you are using.  Try loading all three files above into your phone and see what format your phone accepts and allows to be assigned as a ringtone. 

Midi files:

Remember in the example above the midi file was a full length song but was 1/20 of the size of the wav ringtone.  So you really would not have to chop it down unless you want another part of the song to start the ringtone or if you have an i90, i95, i205, i305, or i530.  They are low in memory and it would be worth the effort to reduce the file size as much as possible.   

For converting I suggest a simple little program called GNMIDFNT.  When I say simple, I mean it. 

For editing and chopping down the midi I suggest Anvil Studios www.anvilstudio.com .  It is a full blow utility and can look intimidating.  

Wav Files:

I suggest to use soundrecorder and dbpoweramp. 

You already have sound recorder click your start menu, all programs, accessories, then entertainment. 

Dbpoweramp is a simple but yet powerful conversion and ripping utility.  Converts mp3s, wavs, and wma files to name a few.  It is a try before you buy program.  The latest version only gives your 30 days before it forces you to buy it.  The older version doesn't do the 30 day thing and I have a copy here as well as the support for wma files here..

Mp3 files:

There are a ton (see here).  Audacity is one that is free,  wavpad may still be free.  A lot of people use cooledit pro.  Cooledit is no longer made Adobe purchased it and morphed it into a new product.  I have been able to find old boot leg versions around (like here).   Not all programs will do the lower quality needed or perform poorly at this quality and you will not be able to load the file.  No worries, I install dbpoweramp right click the file and choose convert.  After you convert it you will be able to load it.






It's getting late and I ran out of time, so I did not finish this page. 

I do have the older page here that I was replacing.  It has step by step instructions here on how to convert midi and wav files and links to the files needed.

Click here to view it






It is extremely common to have a phone that loads ringtones on your computer and then plug in another model/phone (especially the i580 i870 i875 i880 i885) and it not work.  You will need to reinstall the drivers.