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Nextel/Sprint ic402/ic502/ic602/ic902 Free Ringtone Loader

Ok,1st welcome to my site!  If you have the ic902, ic602, ic402 or ic 502 read on. 

If you do not have the power source hybrid phone then go HERE!

Tip: You will not be able to use an Iden Jal (Java Applet loader) like Webjal or Myjal. It will not work with the PowerSource Hybrid phones because the phone is really a CDMA phone and not an iDen system.  


   Here are 2  ways for you to load ringtones into your Power source phone for free:



ver the air (1st way):

Go to fullsize image Lets say you only want a few ringtones or you don't own a computer (haha how are you here) then you can use the over the air loader below.  Now wait! Read this before going any further.  The over the air loader is absolutely free!  I know what you are thinking, why do I say wait?  Well that is easy, as I said the load is free but, Sprint has caught on to this and figured out that they are loosing out on ringtone sales so they now charge a data fee.  How much is the fee?   Well currently they are charging a text message (if you don't have the plan) and $.03 a kilobyte for data transfer (if you do not have a data package on your phone).  My suggestion to you would be to call customer care (*2 from your phone) and  add a $10 powersource data package on the phone and ask about a free month trial wouldn't hurt or bonus text messages (currently 1000 text messages).  They also now have Simply Everything Plans and Family Plans that include text and data.  If you do not do this then you have been warned and will suffer on your next bill.  How much suffering? Well that depends on you, I guess the average ringtone is about 150 kilobytes.  So an average ringtone would cost $4.50 plus a text message.  It is now looking cheaper to buy the $1.99 ringtone from Sprint. Scroll down the page for the free over the air loader and instructions on how to convert the ringtone file.  This method will work to do ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, and java aps (games).  A great website with a free loader is www.funformobile.com the loader is on the left side.


ata cable (2nd way):


The other way is with a data cable.  If you already have the mini usb (emu) data cable you WILL need to purchase the software (I have instant download).  This software is professionally made and does a lot of stuff.  It is made by Motorola and is called Mobile Phone Tools Versions 3 4 or 5.   It is also called MPT4 or MPT4.0.   UPDATE:_Phone Tools 3 and 4 will self update to the new version 5.0.  I sell the data cable and software as a kit and you can purchase it here from me and help keep my site going.  I have instant download of the software after purchase.  When you install the power source phones the software will NOT recognize them.  This is normal.  The software does not have support for them yet and will probably never be supported.  Nextel and Verizon like to lock their phones so that you have no other option but to buy ringtones from them. 

Somebody must have taken a great deal of time and tried every phone in the software to finally find that the software will work if you manually select your model and choose the v323 (A great site with instructions and pics on Mobile phone tools install is here under guides).  This manual select feature has now been removed from Phone Tools 5.  So if you allow the updater to update you to 5.0 you will not be able to manually add the phone.  Instead you will get a message that says unsupported phone detected! phone not supported update or cancel.  The update and cancel buttons are useless they just close it.    

Don't fret, I figured out a way to fix this.  My fix has been tested and works for phone tools 4.0 and above.  It will need to be installed every time phone tools updates.  Don't save the patch instead book mark this page and return for a new patch.  As the patch changes with every update.  Download the current patch here:  Motorola Phone Tools Patch.exe

Basically to use the patch, install phone tools and choose not to run it.  Click the start button at your bottom left.  Choose "All Programs", "Motorola Phone Tools", and then "Live update".  Every time it updates and finishes, choose not to run Phone Tools.  Then run the update again.  Continue to do this until phone tools is up to date.  Do not run phone tools yet.  Instead run the patch.  After it is installed plug the phone in.  Allow windows to sense it and install drivers if needed.  The start Phone tools.  That's it.  It will now detect and support your phone.  If it fails to detect it, power off the computer and phone.  Change the port that you have the phone plugged into (use a direct connection to the computer no HUB) and power both on.  Now try Phone Tools.



Motorola Phone Tools will only work on Motorola cellular phones.  With the patch or manually choosing v323 it will work with the hybrid/power source ic phones like the ic902.  It will not work on other standard Iden phones.  iDen is a special division of Motorola.  The iDen phones are normally i models like the i880 (see here for software) It will also not work with Blackberry (see here), or smart phones like the i930(see here).  Phone tools Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 will work with
Windows® 2000, XP, or Vista. Pentium® II 233 MHz computer 64MB of RAM under Windows® 2000 and XP, 128MB of RAM under Vista Local hard drive with 120 MB free space A USB cable or Bluetooth on your PC if you wish to connect wirelessly



he reation

Oh the ic hybrid phones take MP3 and QCP ringtones.  They do not take WAV ringtones.  You can load them, preview them, and assign them but for some reason they will just play a hiss sound when a call comes in.  The qcp converter is below.  Use the file manager on MPT to drag the qcp ringtone to the phone.  The ic902 will also support MP3 ringtones.  They sound great.  Use the MP3 editor built right in MPT to chop down and send the ringtone to the phone.  

Where do I get my files to convert into ringtones?

Mp3  Wav QCP ringtones normally start with MP3, Wav, or WMA files and are then chopped, converted, and reduced quality to ultimately make the final ringtone. 

Come on, why do people email me this question? MP3 files should be a no brainer.  Just make sure you stay away from any source that copyright licences the file to you like itunes.  This protection will block from easily chopping and converting files.  A good legal source is your favorite local radio station.  Most stations have an online store selling $.99 downloads.  You support the station buy purchasing music from their site.  I am also sure that the google ads on my page will have offers for a bunch of free mp3 files.  You also have the not so legal ways like bit torrent (ie. utorrent), peer to peer (ie. limewire), and ripping of your own cds (dbpoweramp).   If you are looking for some non-main stream stuff like movie qoutes, sound effects, and tv show theme songs then I suggest wav files.  I just use webcrawler click audio type in a few words of the song or theme and the word wav avoid the word ringtone.  It does something that google doesn't which is list the files and not the web pages.

As you can hear and see the MP3 file sounds better and is half the size.  On the contrary to what you have heard size does matter when it comes to your phone.  The smaller the file the more ringtones your phone will hold.  Keep in mind the i580 has 25 megs of memory while the i730 only has around 2 megs total for everything.  The last thing you want to do is fill up your phone.  It needs available memory to operate.  It will begin rolling resets and locking up if out of room (it will take forever to load ).  So please read on and don't load an entire mp3 song as a ringtone.

The easy way to get your ringtones is to download premade wav ringtone from places like www.nextpimp.com ; www.snazzie.com ; or www.funformobile.com

Or you can make your own.  See here on how to make a wav ringtone then come back here to convert it to a ic502 ringtone. 

Download this program to your desktop.  Now click the start menu and choose run and type in sendto a new window will open. (For Vista users, right click the start button and choose open.  Then type sendto at the top).   Cut and paste or drag the pvconv.exe file you just downloaded in to the send to folder.   Close the folder. 

Files are now installed lets convert the ringtone  

Now right click your wav (sample 1 here) ringtone (Yes I said WAV file not mp3) that you downloaded from the sites above or made your self (here is a test wav right click and choose save target as).  Choose send to and then the pvconv program

If this warning pops up UNCHECK the box then press run.   

You will see a quick flash of the screen and you now have a 2nd file that is the qcp file (sample one here) that you will load with the free over the air loader below or mobile phone tools.



Free Ringtone Uploader Provided By FunForMobile.com


Mobile Phone #

Example: 8885551212


QCP Audio File that you made above

Supported format: qcp or mp3

Sample QCP File Here


What do you want to call the ringtone?

Free Wallpaper Uploader - FunForMobile.com

 Remember all data and text messaging charges are on you!




OH MY!   for a quick how to that was a lot of work!!   Now don't feel obligated to buy a larger card or stereo headset for your phone from me see here.  I also have a bunch more help files and links here.  

Webjal, ringtones, how to make your own ringtones, wallpapers, loading games and so on go here

Submit or read user submitted Nextel/Sprint websites to get ringtones, wallpapers, and games from 




Well people often ask how can they help me out with out sending money?  Well a really good way to help me is by linking your site to my site.  Now I am not saying copy my site word for word.. That is not cool!  Put a link on your site that says something to the effect cool place to get free Nextel ringtones..  The more links to my site the higher it ranks on Google.   The easier it is for others to find it amongst all those bogus free ringtone sites.


You can email me if you still have problems please let me know the error and when you get it.  Due to the volume of email, I will usually answer them with in 3 - 4 days.  Please be nice and keep in mind I am doing this for free.  I did not write the software it is not "my software" and I don't really care if you think it sucks.  Very important don't tell me you are going to donate if I help you.  It will not make me help you any better.  I already know 99% don't come through.  Don't use asap or answer me now.  Also I only need 1 email.  If it get returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 5 days then email me again. Please don't email over and over again.  Also if you don't get an email back it is not because I am ignoring you it is because my spam blocker blocked you.  So when you resend the email reword it.  Try not to use any curse words, I have them all blocked.  





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Data cable to load ringtones, wallpapers, and games in Nextel phones for free.