Welcome everyone.  Here is a quick tutorial on how take a dvd and bring it with you on the go with your windows handheld device. 

Like smart phone, pocket pc, Motorola q or i930.  I have the ppc6700. 


It is quick simple and best of all free.


First you will need to install this program DVDx, you will need a windows xp/2000 or newer computer, and a dvd drive in your computer.


Then of course you need to insert your dvd into the computers dvd drive.  Stop or shut down any thing running including virus scanners in possible. 

They will often create a load on your computer and cause audio video sync problems.


Start DVDx.



Choose file and  open dvd root.  Browse to your dvd drive and choose the video sub folder.



Now as you know most dvd’s will have more than just the movie on them.  They will be jam packed with lots of goodies like extras and bonus stuff that we just don’t care about and often wonder why we can no longer forward past them.  This next screen is a directory or listing of all the movies files on this dvd.  It will list them out for you.  Generally the movie is the file with the longest running time.  In my example it is real easy it is 1 hour 29 mins 28 secs.  The other files are ads or upcoming files or deleted scenes.  Now the only time I have messed this part up is if there is a separate director commentary movie then it is a guess on which one to choose.  Normally not a problem.



Next should open the input settings.

The main thing here in the volume (2.5 to 3 would be slightly boosted) and the output frame rate. NTSC is USA (north America) and PAL is almost everywhere else. Click ok when done.


Choose settings and output settings.



WMV is the file format you want.


The Pocket PC and Q use 208 x 160,  143 video bit rate the smaller the size the smaller the movie is on your phone.  For full screen landscape mode use 320 x 240,  218 video bit rate.

The small the bit rate and smaller the resolution the poorer the quality but the smaller the disk size of the file.  So you should be able to squeeze a whole dvd movie on to a 256 meg memory card if you use the settings above (notice my example dvd  is 243.9 megs).


If you want to break the movie up into several movie chapters choose don’t exceed and put the amount in.  You have a few 64 meg cards well you can do it with this feature.


Choose apply


Choose file and output file.  Name the file and choose where to save it.


Then choose encode ( little red dot).

Leave your computer do it’s thing.  Multitasking will cause choppy picture or non synced video and audio.  I even had it produce real load random bursts of static.  Your listening, all is quiet and bam a loud static to put you through the roof.


It will finish the file and your done just drag it over to your phone.